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We have been using Northwoods Bear Products for years. Our flavor of choice is their Beaver
Castor spray. Each year we see trophy bear come into out sites with their noses held high,
following the potent beaver scent. Not only does it help cover our scent, it acts as a natural
allure here in Manitoba Canada.

Whiteshell Outfitters


I have to say I am impressed by the response bears have to your Gold Rush product. Several times throughout the summer my father and I would lose the 7 bears we had coming into my bait. Every time we would fire up the site with Gold Rush and they would be back the next day. We used it as an attractant, and as a cover scent. The night I harvested my 480 pound boar the wind was blowing directly at the bait. I had limited time to hunt due to college obligations. When I climbed into my stand that night I sprayed down the vegetation around me. I harvested my bear at 15 yards.
I am impressed by your product.

Mitch & Bill Cutsforth Rice Lake, Wi.




Hi guys, just wanted to let you know we ran 14 baits in 2012.  We took 10 hunters and had 100% shot opportunity!  We harvested 3 bears over 400 lbs. We used your Gold Rush on all baits, and had bear hitting new baits within hours. They would hit the baits all summer within an hour.  This continued in the hunting season, and we had success because of this product. Thanks Northwoods!! we will be using your products again.

Matt and Sarah Jungbluth
Owners of Backwoods Black Bear Outfitters
Hayward, WI



Pat, I mixed up several 5 gal. jugs of grease with your Gold Rush to start bear baits.  Long story short I put 2 jugs in my bait shed for the next day. That night the bears tore the door apart, and made a huge mess. The bears had never hit that shed before. I started 4 baits with gold rush, and 2 without. The next day all 4 that I started with Gold Rush were hit. The 2 without took a few days. We will certainly need Gold Rush every year! Great products! Good job!

Art Hyde
NBC Guide Service
Cornucopia, WI



After waiting 9 years to harvest my first bear my husband and I couldn't wait to start baiting.  We started baiting in May. As the summer went by the baits were hit less and less. A friend of my husband's suggested trying Northwoods Bear Products, Gold Rush.  We were amazed by the results!  We used Gold Rush with Gold Mist and it brought several new bears to our baits.....including a BIG BOY. Which ended up to be one of the biggest bears shot in the state. 604 lbs field dressed. Thank you for a great product!!

Becky Fenske
Rice Lake WI



I’ve been a bear guide for many years and two years ago I was introduced to Northwoods Bear Products. I have never used scents that did what they were advertised to do until now. Northwood’s Gold Rush is the best attractant I’ve ever come across. The first initial test of Gold Rush, my cameras revealed that 13 different bears visited one bait site the first day. I was sold from that moment on. I contribute a large percentage of my hunter’s success to Northwoods Bear Products.

Jim “Gibby” Gibson


Northwoods Bear Products
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